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Err or Man, by the Ear Reverends

composer / songwriter(s): Jay Fienberg
recorded by: The Ear Reverends
released: 2008
record label: HereJam
website: Err or Man

  1. On now
  2. Invisible boy
  3. Break in the jam
  4. Pain refrain
  5. I've killed a million
  6. Lord of beginnings
  7. Entaruption
  8. Like a volcano pointing down
  9. Rock stars
  10. In my head
  11. Boy with a blog
  12. Waiting for the octopus
  13. I'm selling my mind
  14. They are the same
  15. Death is provided
  16. Made from the sea
  17. I am a mirror
  18. Err or man
  19. Yes yes song
  20. So sung